PostHeaderIcon What's with the new logo?

It's a new year and it's a new decade.
Time for a refresh.

The new logo is a stylized version of the "Gemini" symbol from astrological charts and zodiac. However, because our primary product is furniture for use in virtual world Second Life, this furniture, fixtures and accoutrements are all scripted to allow for person-to-person interactivity, poses and animations.

What's with the "dots" on each of the crescents? Imagine two people reaching for a hug...then imagine you are up high, looking down upon them just as they are about to embrace.

We also have been "black and red" for so long we thought it would be a refreshing change to shift our color spectrum. Something a little brighter and forward-moving.

Why rebrand at all? To show our customers and you that we are not sitting still. We are actively working to bring new products to market, fresh ideas and engage our customers even more than previously.

You, our customers, are our most important asset.

No, we don't have the best stuff in Second Life and no it's not necessarily the least expensive and all that. But we also recognize that customer loyalty is huge. And so, we thank you, our dearest customers for your patronage and business.

Because without you, we die.

And that's not lost on us.