PostHeaderIcon What if my purchase is not delivered?

Quality is job number two. Customer care is job number one with us.

You satisfaction is our highest concern. However, please also understand that there are times when things happen beyond all our control. So please work with us to help you.

With regard to failed-delivery of purchased items, We do not use scripted vendors except in rare cases. The only script we use is to allow gifting (as our products are copy or no-copy, we do not sell transferrable items). In the case of purchasing a gift, it is up to your recipient to accept the delivery. We cannot help if they decline the delivery.

Because we sell either direct copies (right-click the item and choose Buy - a copy is immediately placed into your inventory - there is no delivery to speak of) - non-delivery is practically impossible, except in a single case.

If you receive a Second Life error after purchasing one of our products, copy chat history immediately and place it into a notecard. Rename the notecard to "Purchase System Error-First Last" - where "First" and "Last" is your SL Name. Include your full SL Name inside the notecard as well along with a description of your difficulty and drop it to Gemini Rotaru. There is a single, specific error we are looking for as we know exactly what the error is that is reported. In this case, please skip to the portion about submitting a ticket as well.

Except for this one instance, your purchase did arrive, but you are not seeing it in your inventory. This could very likely be an issue with your system cache,. Unfortunately just sending out a new one at you would not necessarily resolve the issue, as it could just as easily not show up as well.

Here are the steps to follow, which are steps Linden Lab requires you to follow before submitting a support ticket regarding lost inventory (since this is a direct-buy and scripts are not involved with delivery, this is a "lost inventory" issue, not a failed delivery issue):

First, double check that you are not just misplacing your item. Try searching for Zodiac or ZHSL. If your item is misplaced, it will turn-up in your search. If it still does not appear, then you should begin "Inventory Loss" procedures:
  • Go to Edit > Preferences on the menu bar
  • Click the Network tab
  • Click the Clear Cache button
  • Exit Second Life
  • Log back into Second Life
  • Wait in place for 5 minutes; Second Life needs to reload much of your previously cached information.
If none of the above are working for you to correct your difficulties, submit a Support Ticket, follow the steps to request an "Inventory Refresh". Then copy the ticket information (the full ticket request) into a notecard and drop to Gemini Rotaru.

After ticket submission, Linden Lab will run through system logs and your inventory to check for that item and will respond back to you as soon as possible. Then please contact LesbiButBi Carter for assistance as she is our first-tier support and customer care person.

Please forward the response to her along with the name of the Linden helping you. We can then quickly get your item replaced in this instance, though Linden Lab has always been able to restore missing inventory in these instances.

Why are these steps required?
It's a long story, but our licensing to many parts of your product require these steps be taken, we most certainly apologize for the inconvenience. If it is easier for you, simply purchase another copy. If asked whether you have read this trouble-shooting tip, you can verify by knowing that Zodiac House was born in 2007 in the Land of Hope. When we receive the transcript of the Linden response and verify with the Linden named, we will immediately refund you the extra purchase.

For more solutions to loss of inventory, please see the Second Life Wiki article on Inventory Recovery: