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Welcome to ZHSL, Zodiac House inSL!

Our catalog has grown to such a massive size, we thought it a good idea to finally throw this stuff up onto the web. Here, we can feature a little news and put our entire catalog online.

Certainly, as large as our catalog is, once might think XStreet SL is a good place to show-off our offerings. And it is. However, we know that more often than not, our potential customers are on the hunt.

You might be looking specifically for a kitchen set, or living-room. With out catalog placed here, we can make it easy for you to peruse specific genres of product.

Simply select the tag you want on the sidebar. Clicking Living Room for example will filter all products to show only our living rooms. The same for bath rooms, kitchens, outdoor furniture and so on.

Hopefully we'll remember to add a SLURL that takes you directly to the product you want to see, once it is on our showroom floor.

Welcome to ZHSL: Zodiac House inSL!