PostHeaderIcon What if my product becomes lost?

Sometimes it may appear that you have lost part of your inventory because outside forces can prevent Second Life from displaying your inventory properly.

Connectivity problems
An unstable Internet connection can lead to apparent inventory loss in Second Life. High packet loss may cause your inventory to be unable to retrieve a complete list of items from Second Life's servers. Wireless and satellite connections are unsupported for this reason, and other types of connectivity may yield similar results.

There may be a temporary problem with Second Life or your connection to the Internet. If the list of items in your Inventory usually loads without incident, temporary inventory loss may go away within 24 hours. In addition, clear your cache.

Inventory Item Count
The Item Count in the Inventory Window is not always precise. It represents the number of items that have been successfully downloaded to your Viewer. Thus, if the number changes does not mean you have actually lost or gained inventory items. If you notice the number has dropped significantly and the Viewer has finished fetching your items then try Clearing Second Life's cache, logout and then log back in and look in your Inventory Window to see if the items have reappeared.

If none of the above are working for you to correct your difficulties, submit a Support Ticket, follow the steps to request an "Inventory Refresh". Then copy the ticket information (the full ticket request) into a notecard and drop to Gemini Rotaru.

After ticket submission, Linden Lab will run through system logs and your inventory to check for that item and will respond back to you as soon as possible. Then please contact LesbiButBi Carter for assistance as she is our first-tier support and customer care person.

Please forward the response to her along with the name of the Linden helping you. We can then quickly get your item replaced in this instance, though Linden Lab has always been able to restore missing inventory in these instances.

Why are these steps required?
It's a long story, but our licensing to many parts of your product require these steps be taken, we most certainly apologize for the inconvenience. If it is easier for you, simply purchase another copy. If asked whether you have read this trouble-shooting tip, you can verify by knowing that Zodiac House was born in 2007 in the Land of Hope. When we receive the transcript of the Linden response and verify with the Linden named, we will immediately refund you the extra purchase.

For more solutions to loss of inventory, please see the Second Life Wiki article on Inventory Recovery: