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Due the the emotionally unstable hysteria created by Zodiac House ex-partners and their vitriolic griefing attempts, we have decided it is easier to simply "move on". Hence, the Official Zodiac House in Second Life has been liquidated and closed. We are making a permanent exit from the Second Life grid (a ticket is already in to close all our accounts) and we have already moved our Zodiac House Inventory to several grids of the Open Sim Platform. It is now simply a matter of updating scripts before releasing it all to the population at large.

Since the Open Sim versions of Zodiac House products will be available at no cost, we have included in our Second Life group notice a complimentary box which contains every single item we have sold: the entire Zodiac House inventory in it's entirety. As long as you were a member of the group, you will have received this box with our "Liquidated and Closed" notice. You may view past notices to retrieve the box again and again until it has completely expired. Do with the items in that box as you wish, we don't care.

Yes, Zodiac House was closed over hysterical panic of the ex-partner in question several times in the past, with her proclamation of leaving Second Life forever. She likes to proclaim that we don't have a life because we are addicted to Second Life so badly. Yet she keeps returning like a bad headache, even after turning the entire company and inventory (even the Gemini Rotaru account) over to the other co-founder, she still blames "hormones" (her words, folks, yes, really) on her actions. Enough is enough.

Hence, our total liquidation, closing of the store and permanent exit from SL is our way of saying: we're serious.

The "Gemini Rotaru", "Xenyia Bailey" and "Genni Seetan" accounts (among others) have already been locked down on the InWorldz grid to prevent any account compromise on that system.

We hope to see you there.