PostHeaderIcon What if I accidentally broke it?

If you have accidently unpacked your menu driven item do not delete *anything*, drop a notecard to Lesbibutbi Carter. This is a rare situation as we are converting our products to not maintain scripting in the root prim any more.

Poseballs in the wrong place...
Poseballs are dynamically created and positioned relative to the product. If you have moved the product (repositioned it in world) while the poseballs were out don't panic. Simply select "Stop" from the menu. If the poseballs to do not poof away, it is safe to delete them. When you select a new pose from the menu, new poseballs will rezz in the appropriate place for you.

If this solution does not work for you, then go into the Options menu and slect "Restart". Or, edit the item and choose "Reset scripts in selection" - this will cause the Zee engine to perform a "cold" start into it's standby state. Once started, you'll need to click the product to start-up the Zee engine so it will go into it's "ready" state.

Poseballs are buried or hidden in bed, sofa, chair, other item...unfortunately this happens due to the way some animations are created. But fear not! Simply choose another pose where the poseballs are all visible. Then, once you are sitting on the poseballs, select the previous option again. The poseballs will reposition dynamically.

Poses don't fit my shape!
There is a wild variety of avatar shapes and sizes in Second Life and it is literally impossible for us to preset our Zee engine to fit everyone. However, we also thought of that ahead of time, too. All Zodiac House products are set to a standard (Linden Lab default) avatar size, to have them custom fitted, is $L2500 & a copy of yours & your partners shape. (Contact Lesbibutbi Carter for this).

Alternatively, you can read the detailed instructions on how to adjust the poses to your liking and lock them in. However that explanation is considerably beyond the scope of this customer care question-and-answer session.

Script Errors
Yes, there is lag in Second Life. Unfortunately it can cause problems with highly scripted objects. The reason is that among all the things the sim server does: tracking your movement, rezzing prims for you to see and all the rest, it runs scripts dead last. Scripts have the lowest priority of all sim server functions.

Thus, in a very high-lag area, it is likely the sim simply is unable to run scripts at all, or very, very slowly. Try placing the product temporarily in a low-lag sim and see what happens.

If asked whether you have read this trouble-shooting tip, you can verify by knowing that Zodiac House was born in 2007 in the Land of Hope.If you get actual script errors (the script-error icon appears) or your item continuously loads without stopping (Keeping in mind start-up takes 10 or more minutes) follow these steps:
  • Edit the item, go to the contents tab in the edit widget
  • Wait for contents to fully load. This may take a few minutes as there are literally hundreds of scripts and animations in there
  • Click the TOOLS menu (Top of the screen), select "Set scripts to not running in selection"
  • Wait for all scripts to be stopped. (Try counting to 50...slowly)
  • In the Tools menu, select 'Reset Scripts in Selection
  • Finally - just for good measure: in the Tools menu, choose "Set scripts to running in selection"
Your product should fire right-up.