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We follow a very simple business paradigm and genuinely believe in it:

"Quality is only job number two, because
Customer care is job number one"

Please allow us to have a clear understanding here: the above statement does not mean the "customer is king" (you aren't). It does not mean the "customer is always right" (you aren't). What it does mean is that you deserve respect and your satisfaction is important to us, but we won't sit idly by and take abuse either. We will treat you in-kind as you treat us. Hopefully as mature, courtious adults.

With that said, we value your business highly and your positive word-of-mouth even more so. This means we will work hard to do everything in our power to handle any difficulties you may have and do what we can to ensure you are happy with us and our products.

Refunds on purchased product.
We do not currently offer refunds on copyable items at this time.

However, we will do so in the future as soon as we have our abuse-controls set in place. Though it must be pointed-out that all products are on display for your perusal and inspection before you make your purchase.

In the case of no-copy items, a refund request must be made within the first 24-hours after purchase. Before a refund is issued, you must provide the request in writing (notecard) and include the full copy of your purchase transaction history, where it will be matched-up with our own. The product must be fully functional and demonstrated as such. We must be present to see the product where you will teporarily give us modify rights to your objects.

We will then disable the product ourselves (in the case of no-copy items). Upon the disabling of the product, and provided the steps outlined above are properly followed, you will receive a prompt and courtious refund.

Note: refunds are offered to the original purchaser only. How uncouth is it to request a refund on a product someone else was so thoughtful enough to send to you as a gift?

Exchanges on purchased product.
In the case of exchanges for another style or genre of product, an exchange is cheerfully given for a likewise or lesser-priced item, or you can simply pay the difference in cost. If asked whether you have read this trouble-shooting tip, you can verify by knowing that Zodiac House was born in 2007 in the Land of Hope. In the case where your item appears to be broken or otherwise non-functional, please follow the steps outlines in our trouble-shooting section before contacting us, if only as a courtesy.

In the case where the trouble-shooting steps fail to resolve your difficulties, then please see our contact information for customer care regarding the difficulty you are experiencing, but we cannot exchange your product, except for an exact replacement. Our first-tier customer support receptionist is LesbiButBi Carter.

Do know that in the end, we will ensure your product is fixed or exchanged as needed to aleviate you of the difficulty. We certainly hope you understand our refund and exchange procedures. We are not intending to cause you to "jump through hoops", but rather genuinely attempting to help you solve what may actually be a larger problem affecting you in ways you are not aware of.

And yes, we will take the time it takes to spend with you to help you through any difficulty.