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We now have "Customer Care Kiosks placed at the landing point of our Fossil location, at the landing point and each "corner" throughout or main store at Plain Jane and one in the Blackthorne Throne Store.

What is so special about these kiosks?

Clicking any of the kiosks placed throughout all our locations will take you to a web page where you always can see your current status with regard to:
  • any L$ purchasing credit you still have. This credit is what still remains on your gift card and can be used at any of our locations through vendor-based purchasing. Click a vendor (Full Set sign, or associated "box") and choose "Use Giftcard". Then right-click and choose "pay". If there is not enough credit on your account, you only need pay any difference. Customer Rewards will apply.
  • rewards you have earned thus far. We now offer Customer Rewards for frequent vendor-based purchases.
  • your vendor-based purchase history. All products you have purchased from us via our vendor delivery system. Also note: you can have any previous purchase (except gift-cards) redelivered to you from this view. The "redeliver" link is displayed at the far right-hand column.
Note: A "vendor-based purchase" is where you make a purchase via our vending system, which is often indicated as a "Full Set" sign, or as a "Gift This" box next to each product or ensemble on display. For more information on Customer Rewards and what they are, and how it works, see our announcement about Customer Rewards.