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The new Second Life Market Place will be coming online very shortly. The SLM is a replacement for XSL (Xstreet SL, formerly SL Xchange or SLX). There are many changes required for merchants and their online listings. New rules, new paradigms, new logistics.

However, the primary goal is to make it easier for you, the shopper to find what you are looking for. Feedback would be appreciated in help us to understand how you look for what you are looking for through the XSL/SLM - what keywords do you use? What phrases? What grabs your attention when browsing results?

As you may already know, we have a very small subset of our products available through the XSL/SLM. Do you prefer to purchase through the web, or (in the case of furniture such as ours) via the in-world shop? We have always presumed the in-world shop is where you'll make you "high-ticket" purchases because you want to see the product in-person, play with it, view it in its "natural habitat" rather than through some image the creator has created.

Thank you for visiting Zodiac House; Quality is job number two, because you, our customer is job number one.